Who are the Redmen?

We are an independent baseball club that seeks to develop our players while offering a challenging and memorable baseball experience. We are not affiliated with any little league.


Who are the Red Dogs?

Starting in 2016, the Redmen merged all of the 13U teams with the Blue Collar Bulldogs.  The merger leverages the synergies and experience between both clubs to bring a more robust learning environment to our players.  We started this merged organization at 13U, when transitioning to the larger field, as this is a hurdle for many young players during their baseball careers.  Our club focuses on this age and is well experienced at getting the players prepared for the next level of play.


Is the travel baseball for every child?

Travel baseball is typically a year-round commitment to baseball in the form of games, training and tournaments.  We recommend that only those children that really love the game and can commit to year-round baseball play travel baseball.  We believe by uniting kids that share the same dedication to the sport, it will only make all kids around them better and more enthusiastic.


The Redmen play in an independent baseball league.  Independent baseball leagues are typically more competitive than little league and therefore will attract a higher level of play from the opponent as well as in our own players.  While we try and be fair to all the boys, we do field the best team we can each week.  We believe playing time is “fair but not equal”. Playing time is earned based on your respective level of play. This level of play may differ from little league.

It is possible for your son to play shortstop and pitch in little league but not be ready to do so in travel baseball.  In cases such, we do not discourage parents from keeping their sons in little league to help develop their skills and get more playing time.  They can do this in conjunction with our travel team.  We will do our best to teach your son any position he is interested in learning at practice but cannot commit to getting them game experience in the position they desire until they improve.  Please do not hesitate to ask any questions of the coaches if you would like us to clarify further.



What league do we play in?

The Redmen teams play in all the local travel organizations as well as all of the major travel venues. The skill level of the team will dictate the events and the level of play we will participate at those events.

Will the Redmen interfere with Little League?

The Redmen is a travel team that is separate from little league, but does play in the same spring season as little league. Your son can play on both his home little league and for the Redmen. The choice to do both is up to each family. Our teams try to be sensitive to kids playing in little league as best we can but at times scheduling conflicts will occur.  Our travel teams will provide a full, competitive schedule on their own.

How much will you practice?

During the season, our teams will typically practice 1-2 a week with a game or DH a week. The frequency of practices may vary around tournaments or playoff baseball.


Where are the games?

The logistical footprint of games will vary and typically expand as the boys get older. Most league games are played locally in the Nassau area while travel tournaments can be out of state.